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Content Strategy Skills to Connect With Your Patrons

by Michael Diedrick on Sep 2, 2019
Library navigations are important to get right because of the wide range of people visiting a site, and the range of needs those people have. We often hear librarians consider their website an online branch, which requires the care and thought an offline branch would take. So, how do you start thinking about a content strategy for a new branch? Read more!
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West Bend Community Memorial Library Puts New Website Live

by Michael Diedrick on Jan 4, 2019
Libraries are of course a major focus here at Byte, and working with librarians is a great pleasure because they’re highly organized, they understand how content works and they’re strongly patron and community focused. We especially loved working with the good people at the West Bend Community Memorial Library (WBCML) because they’re highly inclusive and strive to communicate effectively
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