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Loud Things are Happening

By: Sam Korthof on Aug 24, 2016

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MPL (Milwaukee Public Library) is changing the very definition of the library, and the quiet library where the only noise is someone telling you to shush, is a thing of the past. Library Loud Days is an ongoing series of concerts and events and allows people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and explore the library in an exciting way. The goal of this event was to establish a larger presence of Milwaukee Public Library by creating an awareness campaign to bring more people into the library.

Our Experience

We had a great time attending the first MPL Library Loud Days concert and street party. Walking down Wisconsin Ave toward the doors the street was lined up with food trucks and a dj playing some beats. The Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese and Falafels were calling our names, and definitely tasted just as delicious as they sound.

Once we entered through the doors, we were greeted by library staff and handed goody bags which included a t-shirt of the headliner band, New Age Narcissism. The aroma of popcorn filled the air, and the excitement inside matched the excitement going on outside. There were so many activities and rooms to explore, we had a hard time deciding what to do first! Some of the activities included an experimental music station in the Art, Music & Recreation Room, Vintage Vinyl in the Media Room, Guitar Hero in the Children’s room, a Red Carpet Photo Booth in the New Books Area, and best for last, the New Age Narcissism concert in the Schoenleber Reading Room. Another highlight of the night was the tour of the Green Roof that showed us the green side of MPL, and a spectacular view.

Together we worked with Cramer-Krasselt, while they handled the branding and print side we took care of the design and development of the webpage.

We feel that the Libraray Loud Days event was a huge success and are happy to see MPL doing great things for the community. Not only did we enjoy ourselves but so did Gwen Long, who is part of the marketing team at MPL. Below to the left is a photo of Gwen smiling with her friend Browser the Library Lion.

Loud Days Gwen with Browser the Lion
Gwen smiling with Browser the Library Lion
Open jam session at Library Loud
Guests enjoying the open Jam session