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The Designer's CMS

Byte has a zero-tolerance policy against letting a content management system dictate a website's design.

While common CMSes dictate exactly how much of a site works, our CMS lets us create just about anything and still have full control of it. That means the design only follows the brand, goals and the needs of website visitors.

Uniquely you

Why do our websites all look unique? It's all in our process. For us, the design phase follows discovery, content strategy, information architecture and then wireframes and prototypes. Nowhere in that early mix is how the content management can handle the design or content -- we'll always find a way to do that.

Off-the-shelf CMSes shoehorn your content into pre-made templates and management paradigms that don't always line up. ByteCMS is integrated after the HTML, CSS and site features are built, so no shoehorns.

Messaging (and connecting) made easy

Websites work better, and they rate on search engines better, when there's good content that's linked properly, contextually and hierarchically. With ByteCMS, you don't even have to worry about that -- proper linking happens through smart navigation, call-out "bucket" control, and through our data-driven table content.

Data design

[insert 100% img here]

One of the beautiful things about using data as content is that it can be beautiful and as finessed as we like. Infographics, data-driven page graphics, and animated, complex data-driven charts are all par for the course with data as content. (Also, it's a lot easier to edit a database in ByteCMS, no formatting necessary!)

Page templates

When we design a website, we create a series of templates for common and key pages, but any template can be extended with any data tool, and any page on the site can disregard the template entirely. The CMS also keeps styles across the site consistent, so changes made by the new intern won't accidentally fall way out of the brand.