ByteCMS is the data-focused, design-driven content management system that connects visitors to goals, minds to messaging and site managers to site intelligence.

ByteCMS powers most of the sites we create. It’s used on small and large sites alike, including Outpost Natural Foods, Milwaukee Public Library and the School of American Ballet. Each of these sites have dozens of users, content creators, editors, and managers, and each site has a custom set of tools specific for managing their content, styles and data.

The real purpose of content management

Content management exists only to foster better content for a website. Thus, a CMS shouldn't be just about managing a site's content, It should also be about how an administrator understands their content and how she can take action based on that understanding. 

  • how to feel completely comfortable that they can't bring down their site
  • how to make and manage content hierarchy
  • how to fulfill a content strategy
  • how to learn what visitors want
  • how to manage assets, images
  • how to know when there's issues, missing pages, etc.
  • how to effectively use URL forwards to manage and track campaigns

Better content management helps people make better, more useful content  A good CMS should be didactic -- it should make its admins smarter while not getting in the way of their work..

The amplification of tiny impediments

We've learned over the years that any tiny impediment to making changes on a site will result in less visitors. Simply, any difficulty will make a small change happen less, and less site changes means less relevant content for visitors, and less relevant content means people won't see the site as the resource it could be. And it's cyclical, because if a site has less visitors, it'll won't be seen as an effective communication channel, thus even less updates.

One of primary tasks in building ByteCMS is to remove any impediments that prevent site changes. One of the great advantages of creating and updating our own CMS is that we can change core functionality to make it better for users and power users, so our CMS is constantly getting upgrades and becoming incrementally better.