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A Wonderful Friday

By: Michael Diedrick on Aug 10, 2012

What a wonderful Friday! It is finally not 100 degrees outside, our projects are moving along swimmingly, office cat is being as cute as ever, and we are enjoying the musical stylings of Lonely Planet on the office stereo. Recently we have had a few very technical and slightly stressful projects, but our team stepped up and met the challenge head on. Now they are fully functional and firmly in the rear-view as we move forward. Looking ahead we have some really cutting-edge, fun endeavors coming out way. Things are great! Enjoy the cats.

Image of Mokey the office cat being carried in what was once a box of 12 packs

Office cat (Mokey) loves "hanging out" in empty 12 pack boxes. Oh yeah she does.

Image of the office cat, Mokey, greeting the photographer from Byte's front window

If you're lucky this is what greets you when you get in the morning. Super cute. Am I right?