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Christmas comes early: New business cards!

by Sam Korthof on Nov 4, 2014

Our new business cards came in the mail, and they look great! Mokey, our furry senior designer, approves.

Anyone familiar with Moo, a popular printing company, will recognize that these are Luxe business cards. They’re about 3 times thicker than your standard card, and it’s noticeable. There’s also a very subtle blue stripe all around the edge of the card. It’s all about the details, folks.

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1,000 Times Good Night at the Milwaukee Film Festival

by Sam Korthof on Sep 16, 2014

1,000 Times Good Night

Byte has been a regular supporter of the Milwaukee Film Festival, and this year we're proud to co-present 1,000 Times Good Night.

The film is about Rebecca Thomas (Juliette Binoche), a woman torn between two passions: the love she feels for her husband ("Game of Thrones" Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and two daughters at home in Dublin and the social responsibility she feels as a war photographer sent to conflict zones to capture the devastation experienced within them. When one assignment leaves her wounded, she is made to choose once and for all between her family and career. Director Erik Poppe captures both sides of this equation with humane generosity, composing stunning images of far-flung locales while allowing luminous performances from Binoche and Coster-Waldau to encapsulate the inner struggle that this ultimatum generates.

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Heartbleed Vulnerability

by Michael Diedrick on Apr 9, 2014

It’s another day, so there’s another worry in the world of web development (and servers in general) -- the Heartbleed vulnerability for OpenSSL  It’s a tiny ‘glitch in the mainframe’ that allows someone to read 64 kb of a server’s memory and un-encrypt things that are sent through what we all understood to be secure, like your credit card numbers or your secure email.  And while every minor bug gets security analysts and the press running around like a bunch of frantic muppets, this one will be a real problem if not addressed. Why?  Because it’s not a single piece of software, it’s part of the foundation of secure communication, OpenSSL, the system that keeps the most secret of the secrets.

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Google and the World Brain at Milwaukee Film Festival

by Michael Diedrick on Sep 23, 2013

Byte is co-presenting a film at the Milwaukee Film Festival 2013, Google and the World Brain. The film seems to be positing that there’s evil lurking below Google’s “don’t be evil” unofficial motto.  The trailer ends with a quote, “google could basically hold the whole world hostage,” pushing the idea that their seeming monopoly could limit access to the world’s knowledge.  Really? Follow on in and let's discuss.

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Stylish Hydroponic Planter Kickerstarter

by Michael Diedrick on Apr 12, 2013

Modern Sprout is a side project of one of our favorite clients.  They've created a windowsill planter box that’s "simple, self-sustaining, and naturally stylish."  It's a micro-hydroponics system that automatically waters and nourishes the plants, and you just need to give it water and nutrients once every few weeks or so.  The hydroponics system is hidden inside the box, and requires no dirt, only water and nutrients and electricity, and they have a solar cell that solves the need to plug in.  Very smart!  Nice work Sarah.

Check out their kickstarter page!


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New site: AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

by Michael Diedrick on Jan 8, 2013

We’re proud to present the new AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) site.  ARCW is a statewide AIDS service organization with nine offices throughout the state, and is among the largest and most comprehensive AIDS service agencies in the country.

Take a look!  Thanks to Mike and Bill for shepherding all the content into the new site -- that was quite a large task!

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A Wonderful Friday

by Ivan Eisenberg on Aug 10, 2012

What a wonderful Friday! It is finally not 100 degrees outside, our projects are moving along swimmingly, office cat is being as cute as ever, and we are enjoying the musical stylings of Lonely Planet on the office stereo. Recently we have had a few very technical and slightly stressful projects, but the team stepped up and met the challenge head on. Now they are fully functional and firmly in the rear-view as we move forward. Looking ahead we have some really cutting-edge, fun projects coming out way. Things are great! Enjoy some more cute office cat pictures after the jump.

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