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Christmas comes early: New business cards!

by Sam Korthof on Nov 4, 2014

Our new business cards came in the mail, and they look great! Mokey, our furry senior designer, approves.

Anyone familiar with Moo, a popular printing company, will recognize that these are Luxe business cards. They’re about 3 times thicker than your standard card, and it’s noticeable. There’s also a very subtle blue stripe all around the edge of the card. It’s all about the details, folks.

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Stylish Hydroponic Planter Kickerstarter

by Michael Diedrick on Apr 12, 2013

Modern Sprout is a side project of one of our favorite clients.  They've created a windowsill planter box that’s "simple, self-sustaining, and naturally stylish."  It's a micro-hydroponics system that automatically waters and nourishes the plants, and you just need to give it water and nutrients once every few weeks or so.  The hydroponics system is hidden inside the box, and requires no dirt, only water and nutrients and electricity, and they have a solar cell that solves the need to plug in.  Very smart!  Nice work Sarah.

Check out their kickstarter page!


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