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Heartbleed Vulnerability

by Michael Diedrick on Apr 9, 2014

It’s another day, so there’s another worry in the world of web development (and servers in general) -- the Heartbleed vulnerability for OpenSSL  It’s a tiny ‘glitch in the mainframe’ that allows someone to read 64 kb of a server’s memory and un-encrypt things that are sent through what we all understood to be secure, like your credit card numbers or your secure email.  And while every minor bug gets security analysts and the press running around like a bunch of frantic muppets, this one will be a real problem if not addressed. Why?  Because it’s not a single piece of software, it’s part of the foundation of secure communication, OpenSSL, the system that keeps the most secret of the secrets.

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Using NFC to make life a little safer and more awesomated

by Michael Diedrick on Feb 8, 2013

If you’ve purchased an Android phone in the last year, you probably have a featured called NFC that’s never used unless you’re using Google Wallet, with despite how convenient it is, it’s a seeming west coast and Japan phenomenon.  But you don’t have to fly west to use NFC, it’s also a rather versatile way to make your life a little easier and maybe even safer.  Read more after the break.

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Eponymous Laws: Schneier's law

by Michael Diedrick on May 15, 2012

Each month, we're taking a look at an eponymous law, a 'law' that's named after someone, usually the author.

Today we're looking at Schneier's law - "Any person can invent a security system so clever that she or he can't think of how to break it."  More, my new hacker friend, after the break.

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Easy Answers for Email Providers

by Michael Diedrick on May 15, 2012

Who do you recommend to host email?  Here’s an easy answer: Google. Now 10gb of space, excellent spam control, a tool designed for productivity, support for accessing your email via smartphones, mail clients and, of course, Google’s web interface.  All this adds up to the most professional system we’ve seen, the system that any competitor will have to beat.  Learn more after the break.

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