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Nestled into Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, Woodland Pattern has been a little-known treasure in our creative community since 1979.

As a bookseller, Woodland Pattern is a beacon for the written word and printed form, and sells small press books, ‘zines’, manuscripts and broadsides.


They also host events covering truly alternative music, art, readings, cultural events and new ideas. And as a nonprofit, their mission is to promote the discovery, cultivation and presentation of contemporary literature and the arts. They are the vanguard of new and innovative human ideas, and they curate and find meaning in even the quietist of voices around us.



As a bookstore, they are the opposite of the chain stores and bestsellers, and in a world of internet assimilation and normalization, their site needed to be the polar opposite of the Buzzfeed-ification of the internet. As such, we designed the site to speak to the beauty of the written word and to the vibrance of the alternative, thoughtful nature of the work and events they host. We went deep into their offerings and made the depth of the ideas our guide — leading with readings and workshops, performances, exhibitions and film and video shows the breadth of their focus, but also having a home page header of their upcoming events and recent additions to the bookstore. With smart, thoughtful content management, adding new content is easy and immediate, thus helping their small Riverwest voice speak loud and clear on the net.


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