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WCS is one of Wisconsin's oldest non-profits, 100 years and counting.

They're dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to overcome adversity, specifically through innovative programs to keep people out of jail, and to help people who have served their time to get a chance to re-integrate back into society.  In light of their 100 years, they wanted a website that spoke to their core values and mission.


In the era of one-size justice, politicians are tougher on crime than ever. But the solution to most crime isn't to lock up the offender and throw away the key, it's finding alternatives and treatment programs that are more effective and about one-tenth of the cost, and it's finding the root cause of the crime and solving it early. We created a website that takes the issues head on, and gave WCS a stronger voice to talk about their successes in the field. Like many sites we create today, we've refigured the navigation system to help find a narrative and to find alternative navigations for different types of people. We also gave WCS the opportunity to manage their content easily and with precision. ByteCMS allows administrators to manage every type of content as easily as using a word processing program, all without changing the design of the site.

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