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The National Cafe & Takeaway is one of Milwaukee's most-loved breakfast, brunch and lunch cafes. 

Their focus is fresh, local flavor, blended with international dishes like the full english breakfast or ramen. 


They needed a site that would convey their commitment to quality & variety, while showing off their amazing staff. We used The National brand developed by Design Scout in 2005, and took it to the next level with this modern, engaging, easily updated site.



When we started designing the site, we knew two things with certainty: It needs to be responsive (49% of the site’s traffic is through a mobile device), and it needs a menu that’s easily read by both humans & search engines. We were able to achieve both by creating a scrolling one-page design that presents a similar experience on large and small screens. We put the cafe menu right on the site with HTML code, so mobile users can access it quickly with their limited bandwidth.



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