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The Public Policy Institute, a division of Community Advocates,

works to promote and implement evidence-based policies that will prevent & reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for individuals and families throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin. 

To do this, they analyze and advocate for policy changes, convene and coordinate coalitions that share a similar mission, and offer fund & training to to community-based programs. This is the third separate site we’ve created with Community Advocates over the years. Between the 11 programs PPI supports and the many resources they needed to share (Press Releases, Publications, Newsletters, Events, a new Blog…) it was clear why they were outgrowing their spot on the CA website. So we not only created a clean, easy to navigate website to house all their many messages, but we also created something that would easily flex & grow with them over the years, to house all the new content & message to come. In addition to the web design, we helped them distill and express their brand as a large division of Community Advocates through logo & brand design.


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