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As a family run grocer, Organic Market

is deeply committed to providing the best service, organic food, community support, education and extra appreciation to their Cape Cod customers and staff. 



They believe that organic and sustainable agriculture guarantees a healthier future for all of us, and serving their community from their 3 locations is their purpose. They are the perfect client for Byte because we had an opportunity to distill what they are as an organization into a great new website.



Organic Market, feeling the pressure of a substantial mobile-based tourist clientele and of big box “organic" encroachment, sought our help in capturing the attention of their local & tourist customers. Our solution was to create an easily accessible mobile friendly site that highlights Organic Markets community events, specials and on-going relationships with local farms and the community at large. We started with a content strategy that helped map what kinds of content people found worthwhile, from the dynamic, always-relevant calendar system to a specials feature that helps customers find their latest specials right from the homepage. Our content strategy also made it easy for humans and search engines to digest the content by creating a taxonomy that helped the relevance of the site's content. By doing so, search engine visibility vastly improved and Organic Market has become highly visible in searches.



Most importantly, we created a fully tailored design that fit exactly what Organic Market is, by showing their strength in the community as well as their bright and forward personality, and made it fun and entirely unique, including finesses that set it apart. The site launch was only the beginning. We continue to ask smarter questions to each other to help us better learn and grow together, while working towards the next and even better version of the website.

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