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Nestled into California’s Humboldt County, surrounded by redwoods, mountains & sea, 

North Coast Co-op is a member-owned cooperative that’s deeply committed to the health of their community. 


On the surface, they appear to be a natural foods store with high standards, however that’s only the surface. They offer a multitude of rich, educational classes & events for their community, as well as advocate for local famers & producers who don’t produce enough to provide to the big chains.



When we began working with North Coast, we quickly found that they needed more than a better-looking, easier-to-update website. They needed to unite their two locations under one message, as well as shake the common perception that healthy food is ‘too expensive’. Our solution was to create a site that oozes Humboldt County vibes, from the redwood forests to photos of friendly staff to messaging about protecting the county’s natural wonders with ethical farming, with the latest sales sprinkled throughout the site. We dramatically improved navigation & accessibility by creating a thoughtful and easy-to-follow content strategy, which translates easily to their mobile site.

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