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Night of Mystery is a murder mystery party game website where people can purchase a mystery for 10 or 100 people complete with characters and plot. 

People love to dress up and create a great party, and there are blogs, forums and photo galleries for inspiration.


The difficulties with any online commerce site beyond the idea itself is legitimacy and security, and they needed a partner that can ensure the site is seen as the real deal, and if there are any troubles, there is easy and clear help and an account system that will allow them to log back into their purchase at any time.  It also needs to be and seem secure, as any little detail unchecked will cause one or two percent of the customers to become fearful and skip buying.  Night of Mystery isn't just the big, awesome idea, it's the details behidn the idea that make it an amazing success.  We're glad to have partners like them...we get a chance to do our best work.


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