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New Leaf Community Markets is a retail grocery store system that specializes in natural foods and health-focused products

with locations from Santa Cruz to San Jose ot Half Moon Bay, CA.  They’ve been selling quality natural foods since the 80s, and they’re first B-Corp grocer in California.

Their history in Santa Cruz has won them high acclaim and a great clientele, but as they’ve grown into San Jose, there’s a whole new set of people whose first connection with the store will be their website, and we had a lot of storytelling and marketing that needed to fit into one cohesive, easy to digest website.



The website features recipes, specials, classes and events, a dynamic blog and a whole lot of great content all fit into a seamless and clean website with as much personality and quality as their stores and their people. It’s also become a center of marketing and communication for the stores, along with a starting place for learning about their giving programs and community-
focused efforts. 

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