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Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) is one of the big American libraries that has a large collection that spans a dozen branches,

delivery systems including a drive-up window and book vending system, special collections including a historic recipe database and maps archives, and much more. MPL is also tasked with raising the level of education and literacy in an urban, post-industrial city.


MPL wanted a site that would encompass the width and depth of their collections and content, and help people of all levels find the blog postings and events available to help people learn about their collections, technology, job finding help, and the rest of their offerings. It needed a search system that spanned across all content and integrated as much as possible with outside systems.  And it needed on-site specific content for patrons.


We designed the site map and the site itself to focus on the myriad of opportunities citizens have with a great library, and still made a great design with full accessibility.

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