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An arts membership-based organization dedicated to helping the lives and success of artists.

The Milwaukee Artists Resource Network offers classes, workshops, gallery events and a connection to Milwaukee's vibrant art world.


Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) wanted to build a web site and application with a mixed social network and artist gallery that would help connect artists with buyers, commissioners, collaborators and the public. MARN wanted a site that can change artists' lives, and while this is no small request, we really love a good challenge.

The Challenge

MARN, as an organization, has a very diverse member population. Some of the best artists are highly non-traditional people with a truly varying degree of online skills. Creating a web application for artists was going to be difficult, and usability and interface were going to be paramount.

The site needed a front-end site that was stunning, unique and still easy to use for the public. We worked with the esteemed designer Ashley Potter from sketches to completion, and she concurrently built the brand for the rest of MARN's needs.


Working with Ashley Potter, we helped create a site that's fully stylized and has one of the strongest brands for a community group. The site is more than a social network and more than a gallery, it has a gestalt of its own, a community of artists showing their best work and encouraging others.

The site also helps art lovers find and support an artist or art event, helps artists to promote their own work, buy and sell art supplies, establish collaborations and so much more.

The site also has a fully customized membership system that manages membership dues and course fees through a specialized e-commerce system made just for them. The CMS tools also help administrators manage and support members.

With Byte Studios deep technology and user experience skills, it was easy to take the passion that MARN had for Milwaukee artists and their success and focus that into a site that is both beautiful and easy to use.