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Metropolis Coffee is truly superior coffee, and they needed a web site that shows the flavor of the coffee and the seriousness that the owners put into roasting and procuring quality, beyond-fair-trade beans.

Working with design partner Design Scout, we've created multiple iterations of the site, each adding new and innovative features that have increased sales.  Their home page features their three main areas: their flagship cafe, their online shop and their wholesale bean sales to coffee shops and restaurants.  



Metropolis Coffee is the perfect type of client: they have clear goals and needs, they're willing to create great content, and they trust their partners to translate that into one of the best coffee sites in the country.  At any given time, we know how things are going, we get sales and usage trends from the site.  When we see issues or have new ideas, we'll call the owner to talk about what we've seen.  


One of the best things about working with Metropolis is it shows how a partner relationship should work, and how it allows us to do our best work.  The results are fantastic, we've contributed a lot to their growth, and we're proud to help them on their mission to put the highest quality coffee into the most kitchens, and really show people how good coffee can be.

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The layout is graphically complex enough to keep me interested

You are obviously extremely gifted web developers and designers. I love the designs. The layout is graphically complex enough to keep me interested, but the size of the pictures and the clarity in navigation make it intuitive. It also promotes both sales as well as the warmth of the cafe and hopefully of the company as well.

- Tony Dreyfuss, Co-Owner, Metropolis Coffee Co.

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