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Since 2005, Good Harvest Market has been supplying Waukesha County

with healthy, organic and locally-made foods in a sustainable and service-forward grocery store. 


Good Harvest cares deeply about their patrons, and go out of their way to help answer their questions, offer diet-specific products and even host classes & events to educate their shoppers on healthy living.


When we started working with Good Harvest, we knew we needed to create a platform for their voice in their community, one that would let them share their passion for healthy, sustainable living with their customers. The platform also needed to let Good Harvest experiment and change its message over time, so having a high level of customization in the content management was imperative. Being a grocery store, they also needed a platform for coupons and specials -- usually the most seen pages on a grocery store’s site. Lastly, all those moving parts needed to work cohesively to express the owners’ original vision of building a community around food.


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