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Create jobs is tough work

But FIRE has its work cut out for it, and the perfect site to help


FIRE’s (First-Ring Industrial Redevelopment Enterprise) mission as a regional community development entity is to revitalize significantly disinvested areas throughout Wisconsin's Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine Counties. FIRE’s vision is to inject capital into projects throughout these three counties that produce job creation and retention, to enhance tax base growth, and to yield new life in the urban cores of targeted dis-invested areas.

FIRE needed a website to show their mission, their value to the region, and to promote the projects they're doing and they've done thus far. 


FIRE is a Community Development Entity and is a facilitator for developers to get projects done using tax credits, so there are a couple of audience segments. We consider these types of sites an audience-of-ten, as we're basically talking to a very small number of people. 

Community Development Entities and quasi-government organizations in general can have sites that are really basic, but to show the value of the entity and the quality of their work, we needed something with a stronger brand and that was distinctive in its class. Having strong visuals and architectural-seeming elements gives the site the right look to help communicate who they are and what they do.

The site doesn't change that often, updating only news of projects, so the content management has to be dead simple so someone updating it once per quarter wouldn't have to fight to make changes.