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What is the best way to show the world that you have an innovative idea?  

With an innovative, attention capturing website.  When our team was tasked with promoting a concept that stretched their imaginations, they pulled out all the stops.


Cream City Dream was built to push the envelope.  The site's content was built on one long, continuous page.  People can either use the navigation menu to slide it around, or scroll through with a mouse.  We used CSS3 and HTML5 techniques to create an eye catching and memorable page, and had backups for the luddite browsers that can't see the new technology. It was a truly tech-forward site.  The promoted idea was hard to believe, but the site really legitamized the idea and the process.  


And it worked.  The story, and the site, attracted the attention of the CBS Evening News, who flew out to cover the story. It was then picked up by Reuters, NPR, CBC, Los Angeles Times, London Daily Mail and the Chicago Tribune, and published in 15 different languages.  


This, for a website, is how you stand out.  We have never been accused just blending in.

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