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Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s downtown,

Action Digital Document Solutions is a full litigation & trial support team.

In other words, they can provide almost any service having to do with litigation document management, from copying and printing to format conversion (including relics like Cassette Tapes, VHS. and Hi-8). Once we honed in on the website’s content strategy and brand message, we found that they needed a site that was uncomplicated, with a smooth, easy to navigate design that showcased their minimal, bold brand.


A word from Action DDS

We worked directly with the COO, Christopher Flynn, who was new to website creation. 

"When we approached Byte Studios to build our website we had no idea where to start. The entire team there was very helpful in guiding us along the correct way to construct a website. From site mapping to visual design to the CMS we were able to work together to get exactly what we wanted from our website design and function.” -Christopher Flynn, Action DDS.

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