Looking for a different kind of job? We accept applications from a wide range of people, but creative thinking and willingness to learn are the most valued assets.

The job will include lots of things outside of the world of design / programming, including dealing with clients, managing some office duties, constantly looking for new ideas and better methodology, and who knows what else. You will probably never be bored, and you'll never be overworked, but there will be challenges every day. This position will require lots of energy and, if you're not fully trained already, a serious time commitment especially in the first three months. Still interested?


Positions Available:

junior or mid-level web developer

This job includes: programming and coding web sites with HTML/CSS, JS / DOM management (with frameworks), and PHP / MySQL. You'll be learning a bit about every aspect of advanced application development, and integrating interface design and usability in all the sites we build. You'll be working with an expert team, and you'll be learning everything you'd want to know about web development, content management, media management, search engines, etc.. 

As a developer, you need to be solidly proficient at least one technology. Recent graduates and people in different fields are welcome to apply.

This job also gives you the ability to move toward whatever direction you like best, and you will be given time to research new ideas, try new things, and write about it on our blog.

Pay is depending on experience.


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Lead interactive designer

Byte is a boutique interactive studio that works mostly for non-profits, cultural institutions, and libraries, and progressive organizations that promote quality food, environmental practices and a better world. We’ll work for a cause, or to work in cool tech, and sometimes even just to pay the bills. We’re actively enhancing and growing our portfolio as well as finding smarter ways to run the business to attract some of the best clients nationally.

In terms of web aesthetic, Byte adores beauty and craft and abhors boring. Wordpress, Drupal and themes in general have their place, but not at Byte. We want to make the web an amazing space that also does everything our clients want, and when we take the extra steps at something different and better, we’re helping our clients stand out and be seen as experts and quality leaders.

We work deep in data, including interfaces, importing/exporting, APIs and data visualizations. We create a lot of web applications, not the least of which is our own data-centric content management system. Because of that, we spend a lot of time working through HCI principles, usability, wireframing and a lot of the UX sensibilities. 

The interactive designer at Byte would be responsible for conceptualization and realization of Byte’s vision both visually and interactively. We’re looking for someone who really wants to push the media, make unique and worthwhile interfaces and designs, and explore new and better ways of making better websites and interactives. And someone who’s ready to make Byte an even better studio. An interest in physical computing, wayfinding, kiosks and interactive installations, etc. is a plus, but at a minimum, the designer will create more immersive, unique experiences and work with the developers to make the designs a reality. No deep code experience is necessary, though it’s helpful to know HTML and CSS along with your discerning eye to better direct the developers toward your vision.

The job includes a flexible 40 hour work week with no required overtime, bonuses if you do want to work more hours, direct access to coders and clients, endless learning opportunities for new web / interactive tech, an opportunity to push the medium, plenty of time to explore interactive projects, opportunities to travel to clients and conferences, and -Bonus!- an office cat to relieve stress.Since we work mostly for non-profits, the pay isn’t agency/financial firm pay, but you will be building a great portfolio, doing something different, and doing work more ethically in tune with the world we live in.

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graphic / interactive designer

This job includes: designing larger, interactive websites, mobile apps and kiosks, including wireframing, motion graphics, user interfaces, navigation systems and more.  We are leaders in Milwaukee for design, and an artist's perspective and good training will put you in a great place to make really interesting websites and kiosks. Working under our creative director, you'll be working directly with clients to produce award-winning sites and motion graphics.  You'll be turning clients' objectives into high design and concept. 

You'll be learning about technology and usability every day, and moving the media forward for our clients.

You'll be learning how to create and manage site maps, wireframes, and other content documents.  You'll be managing content from clients into their sites.  And you'll be the final QC check as things go live.

You do not have to be highly technological to work here -- you'll learn about usability, user experience and navigation/content design as you go.  You do have to have a great eye for high design and concept and a keen interest to learn more and grow with the position. 

Recent graduates are encouraged to apply -- your style and ideas can trump a lack of work experience.

Pay is depending on experience.


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Sorry, no H1 visas and no relocation on this position. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage minorities, women, and non-traditional work / education path people to apply.