Our Process

Our approach is malleable – we run in the direction that makes the most sense. But at its core, our process is about making user-friendly sites that meet our clients’ goals.

Start With Big Questions

Determining the scope

We’re your sherpas through the digital realm, and we do our best work when we can chat with the movers & shakers in your organization and ask the big questions. This might look like a brainstorming meeting, or simply a few phone calls.

Ultimately, we want to know where you’d like to go & what your obstacles are, so we can collaboratively determine how you digital media & tools can get you there.

Your Data has Power

Brainstorming with your data

We love data! Even the big, unwieldy kind, because we see it as an opportunity to connect people to worthwhile tools & visualizations. Every organization has some to work with, whether they know it or not: From your customer service contact form data to a digitized set of ancient manuscripts & their metadata… we want to know about it, and make something amazing with it.

It All Comes Back to the User

User Research

All beloved websites have something in common: they’re an engaging, valuable resource for their various audiences. That’s why we dive deep into user experience research via interviews, keyword analysis, and plenty of reading on the internet (to name a few methods), all to discover why your users love you, how they prefer to interact with you and what can be done to make that relationship even better.

Your Unique Content Strategy

Art Direction

With our understanding of your organizational goals and users’ needs, we’re able to propose a series of personalized content strategies & sitemaps that will make your brand shine. Our approach to content strategy appeals to humans & search engines equally, and gives your team an actionable content plan for the foreseeable future.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Pixel Perfect Interface Design

Every project is different, and some are so innovative & new that we begin our planning process with a series of quick, low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes. Here we seek out any blind spots or big questions we didn’t anticipate in our scope doc. This crucial extra effort saves us and our clients time & backtracking later, and sets our team up to build a stronger final solution.

A Unified Vision


When your site launches, we want it to look amazing, from top to bottom. Part of that is having great copywriting, photography & videography. We’re happy to work closely with your creative teams & outside providers to make sure when the site launches, all elements will be harmonious.

Your Custom Design: The Look

Wireframes & Prototypes

We believe in crafting unique, beautiful & purposeful sites for our clients. We don’t constrain ourselves to those out-of-the-box templates you see everywhere these days. Instead, we offer an approach , where each and every pixel in our designs can be crafted with intention across any screen size.

Your Custom Design: The Feel

Interactivity Design

We don’t just want your site to inform your users, we want it to engage and delight them. Our interactivity design methods bring your site to life through smooth transitions, eye-catching hover states and other custom-created motion effects.

Hand-Coded for Humans

Semantic Front End

The front-end is how your visitors understand you and your vision, and it needs to be spot-on. Our developers are involved from the beginning of a project, informing how design or content ideas play out and how to show complicated ideas or processes. We create fully hand-coded, unique experiences that are standardized and work across multiple browsers and screen sizes.

Zen and the Art of Simplified Development

Simple Back-End

In a world where web development is getting increasingly complicated, expensive, insecure and hard to maintain, we took a different path: simplicity. Simplicity means less cumbersome frameworks, less data abstraction, less code dependencies, and absolutely no magic -- every line of our code is intentional. Our clients’ data & content are therefore more future friendly, and carries less technical debt.

The Most Open-Minded Developers You’ll Meet

Interactive Content

Our developers love a good challenge. If there’s a complicated feature, difficult process or API connection, we’ll make it work seamlessly -- a creative aptitude that comes from so much experience with hand-coding custom sites. If there’s a story that’s better told through an interactive timeline, map or concept, prototyping and building interactive content is a natural extension to our development process.

The Byproducts of Clean Coding: Shiny Content

SEO & Accessibility

Our sites are more search engine friendly and accessible than any theme-based CMS out there, and it’s all thanks to thorough content strategy development and hand-crafted, semantic code. SEO “practitioners” sell all manner of tonics & trickery to increase your search engine optimization, but getting search engine love is surprisingly simple: have content people want to link to, and make it shiny by clean coding and smart content strategy that leverages content hierarchy and relationships.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Content Management


Good content management should make content fast and easy to deploy and update. It should also bear the brunt of formatting content and data so they fit squarely within the experience and brand. It also needs to allow advanced control for those special pages that need to be displayed just right. A good CMS will give you wide control without ever having the fear that you could actually break the site. More

Your Success is Our Success

CMS Training

With our easy-to-use byteCMS system, we’re able to empower our clients to jump into content management as soon as the site’s finished being developed. We offer free, one-on-one training to all our clients & their teams as well as fast support & bug fixes because, most of all, we want you to feel at home with your new site!

Quality Control

Pre-Launch Site Testing

Before the site goes live, a full Q/C and testing phase is common for our larger websites, but even the smallest gets plenty of time searching for issues and inconsistencies across browsers and devices. Everyone gets as much time as they need to put their content into their new site, with our help to make sure everything looks & acts just as it’s intended to.

Launching (in 3...2...1…)

Site Launch

We do a full-service website launch including setting up analytics, comparative server analytics and site performance optimization including webmaster tools, search engine forwards, social media testing, file compression and page speed testing and configuration.

We’re in Your Corner

Technical Support

Everything online needs maintenance because the web isn’t on dead trees — it’s a living space where browsers, interactivity, offsite vendors and people’s understanding constantly change. We’re proactive with our client support, often fixing problems before they’re even noticed. And when they do need to ask for help, they don’t waste their time drilling down phone trees. They get direct access to our developers’ expert level advice, at no extra cost.

A Lasting Relationship

Consulting on the Future of Your Site

Launching your new site is only the beginning. As your business grows, so will your content and your digital presence. We love to help our clients navigate that new territory, whether that means building a custom CMS tool for you, designing a one-off landing page for a big event, or just helping you think through a big, new idea.