Content Strategy

Byte's content strategy is fed by curiosity and learning what works by following up with data and context only available through long-term relationships.

Content isn't just king, it's castle and country. Good content leads people to a website, positions the website as a resource in the field, and sets the expectation that a viewer has the moment they load their first page. Good content is the site's navigations, the sidebars, callouts and buckets, and it helps define the brand through clearer and smarter language. The brand and content define the design and the entire experience on a website. Brand and content are the basis of the meaningful interaction for which the best in web developers strive.

For us, content strategy is a methodology of finding and bring forth a client's best content to the web, and it's a process how to create the best content over time. 

We start with our one-time content strategy, including:

  • the purpose of content
  • editorial strategy
  • content creation and publication
  • workflow, ownership and governance
  • content voice and tone
  • site messaging (from callouts to campaigns)
  • taxonomy and hierarchy
  • data as content, content as data
  • market-based gap analysis
  • metadata and content attributes
  • related content and content nexus
  • social media strategy
  • content channel strategy (if beyond social media)
  • search engine optimization by content

Over time, our content strategy tasks include:

  • social media strategy updates
  • search engine optimization updates
  • yearly statistics and strategy reviews
  • organizational or business changes 

Few organizations have all the right content to start, nor should they. A good content strategy isn't just to help define a site words, data and media, it's defining what an organization should be creating and collecting over time. New data sets, whitepapers, testimonials and much more will often take time, and we'll build in the space so the site houses it effortlessly once there's enough to make the case. It's our job to help an organization define what that next generation of content will be, how to put that into an editorial calendar, how to make it shiny for search engines, and most importantly, how to make it worthwhile to people.